Why Solar?

It’s affordable.

Most solar conversions are paid off in seven years, but the system lasts for 25 years, providing you with years and years of free electricity.

It’s economical.

Solar electricity is presently more economical than traditional energy.

Stabilize and improve cash flow.

No more monthly or seasonal fluxuation in your utility bill.

Reduce your electric bills.

Reduce your electric bill and keep them under your control.

Leverage attractive ROI.

With its average of 7-year payback, solar energy is one of the best investments you can make.

Improve your property value.

A solar installation is a powerful addition to your property value.

Power your electric car.

Use the sun to go places!

Solar is extremely reliable.

The sun rises every day and your system is tied to the grid, so you can never run out.

Solar is clean and 100% renewable.

With solar, you are no longer using energy that emits air and water pollutants into our environment and renews every day automatically.

Set an example.

By going solar, you become a solar ambassador, leading by example to greatly reduces carbon emissions, and their negative environmental effects.

Leverage positive branding.

Many of your customers will be impressed by the steps you have taken to protect the environment, to use the cleanest energy not on earth, and to future-proof your business

Why You?

Because you are a small business. Return on investment is excellent: the system is paid off in around seven years, but lasts 25. You improve cash flow, save on your electric bills, improve your property values…you get the picture and it’s a sunny one.

Because you are expanding your business. You are driving profits back into your business, so you switch to solar without putting any money down. Perhaps you won’t own the system, but will rent your roof to others. We manage the installation and the system and you purchase the solar electricity at a 20 percent discount.

Because you are a church or synagogue. You can go with a conscientious source of energy and reduce your energy bills, while investors who covet your tax credits invest in your system through a Power Purchase Agreement.

 Because you are an agricultural operation. You already know the immense value of the sun and use it to generate energy, reaping its benefits in yet another way, including financial, that sustains your farming. Farms and food businesses can now qualify for a 20 percent grant and a loan guarantee for the total price of a solar electrical system, eliminating the requirement for extensive “business eligibility” and “environmental impact” studies.

 Because you own a warehouse or storage facility. You likely have a large flat roof (even if extensive mechanical equipment is located there) and relatively low electric bills – ideal for a solar system. If you buy the system, it is paid for in about seven years your electricity is free for the next 30 years. There is a good chance you will be able to go 100 percent solar – what the industry calls “going black.”

 Because you are a school. Go beyond a teachable moment and create a teachable decade and more. Solar sets a conscientious example, while reducing your energy bills. Investors who covet your tax credits will make your system possible.

 Because you own an apartment or office building. Apartment and office building owners are in a unique position to own their buildings and their electricity, too. Use the electricity generated by your solar panels to cover the expenses of powering common areas of the building. For larger arrays, set up a separate legal entity, such as an LLC, for the solar system. Your building can be sole owner or you can partner with others to buy the system. Then you lease the electricity back to your tenants at a discount – a win-win-win.

 Because you have a parking lot. Imagine the delight of your employees and customers when a solar canopy protects their vehicles from inclement or scorching weather. Imagine your delight is a reduced electric bill and excellent ROI.

 Because you are a non-profit. You can go with a conscientious source of energy and reduce your energy bills, while investors who covet your tax credits invest in your system through a Power Purchase Agreement.