Frequently Asked Questions

Demystifying solar and dispelling the myths

It will come as no surprise to many of you, that political, cultural, commercial and scientific agendas all come into play when a discussion of energy and the environment arises. Everyone is entitled to form an opinion but, as they say, they’re not entitled to create their own facts. Here, we try to shine some light (pun intended) on the subject of solar power to correct errors, distortions, fables and outright falsehoods promoted by those with competing interests.

Installation Myths

Solar only works in sunny and warm climates.
I cannot use solar energy because I don’t have Southern roof exposure.
I can’t use solar because I don’t a roof expanse large enough.
Solar panels require a tracking system to follow the angle of the sun.
Installing solar is complicated.
Solar panels will cause my roof to leak, deteriorate, or collapse.
Solar will look ugly on my roof.
In the future, solar cells can be painted onto facades with a paintbrush.

Cost Efficiency Myths

Solar energy is not financially viable without subsidies.
Solar is still so expensive that it will never be able to pay for itself.
All solar cell manufacturers lose money.
Solar energy will become attractive only when Tesla or any other battery manufacturer commences serial production of cheap and efficient batteries for the storage of electricity.
Cheap coal and the current energy mix (fossil fuels and nuclear) will continue to dominate global energy production for the foreseeable future.
Solar energy has not created the jobs promised by its promoters.

Reliability & Efficiency Myths

Solar systems are unreliable and inconsistent.
Solar panels require maintenance.
Solar will get more efficient, so I should wait.

Environmental Myths

Thin film solar cells are made by rare earth elements like indium and eventually we will deplete them.
More energy is needed to manufacture a solar cell than it will generate under its life cycle.
Once the global warming “scam” is uncovered, no one will be interested in solar energy.

Solar Versus Electricity from a Utility

I will store excess energy in batteries.
When the power goes out, my business still has power.
In the future everything will be powered by solar energy.
Solar-powered life requires sacrificing modern conveniences.