Customized Commercial Solar

District Sun works with your organization to develop a customized solar solution that is best suited to your business or non-profit. We develop not just the resourceful design and engineering of solar electric system– which may or may not be located on your property – but also work with you to select from several different options to finance your solar project, depending upon your situation. While other solar companies focus on standardization and scaling their operation, we focus on your unique needs.

  • Roof-mounted panels
  • Ground-mounted panels
  • Community solar
  • Solar Canopies

Even before you make a final decision on financing, we show you the state and federal grants, tax credits and other financial inducements for which you will be eligible — and help you navigate the paperwork — so you can make an informed decision on the most attractive approach.

Your Sunny Financial Picture

For instance, you may qualify for a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), a commercial financing option popular with small and mid-sized businesses because it eliminates upfront costs. If you need to improve cash flow, avoid additional debt or maintain your debt-free status, you can be assured that District Sun is as expert at navigating a spreadsheet as it is engineering schematics.

You may be prepared to pay cash or want to use an existing line of credit. Perhaps you plan to apply for a conventional commercial or equipment loan or operating lease, knowing your savings on monthly utility bills will more than cover your monthly loan payments. District Sun can also outline the advantages of a power purchase agreement and help you weigh the best approach.

Whether your conversion to solar is a customary installation of panels on the roof, a ground-mounted array, as part of a solar farm – also known as community solar or shared solar – District Sun is the partner you need to unlock the potential of solar energy.

See Dollars & Sense.

The people at District Sun are not just resourceful design and engineering experts, but experts in the regulations, tax codes and financing for solar installations, and the best ways to unlock the full value of solar projects from Day One. They supply everything under the sun, so you can go solar.