District Sun provides you with everything under the sun to make the bright choice.

Solar is cost-effective and conscientious. Solar systems generally pay for themselves in less than seven years, but have a lifecycle of 25 years. We help you vastly reduce the cost of your system, by presenting you with all the incentives and rebates to which you’re entitled. Cash flow issues? Upfront costs problematic? District Sun works with you to you develop the best financial resolution for your solar solution.

Show us your utility bill, and we’ll show you the numbers — the panels you’ll need to generate enough energy and the cost including labor and installation. Then we apply the incentives, rebates and depreciation. In short, District Sun cuts through the complexity to create your custom solar system, so you can sit back and bask in the savings. You’ll be electrified by how achievable it is for your business!

Ten steps to solar with District Sun


Supply District Sun with a copy of your electric bill and they will…


Show you how many solar panels you will need and the total cost


Show you the tax incentives and rebates that can be taken off the top


Show you ways to mitigate or eliminate upfront costs


You see the light!

District Sun supplies you with schematics of your new solar system and…

Helps you fill out the paperwork to secure financial inducements

Helps you work with commercial lenders to finance the remainder

Designs, engineers and installs your system, as promised

Provides on-going maintenance as part of its commitment to you.

Developing commercial solar projects

Ready to get started?

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